Modify a 2-4-2 From a Rogers to a Baldwin - By RICHARD Schmitt

A Freelance Ore Car - By FRANK Palmer

a A Diorama - By RICHARD Schmitt

The Davlin Machine OTT Fence Diorama - By DAVE Revelia


Paint & Detail a Brass Caboose - By RICHARD Schmitt

Sign Painting for your Buildings - By RICHARD Schmitt

GR2013 Visit the Sundance Central Railroad - By Sundance Team


Industrial Size Caboose ( Large & Small Scale ) - By RICHARD Schmitt

A Traveling Large Scale Layour - The Sundance Central Railroad

A Freelance Logging Caboose - By FRANK Palmer


A Scratch built Blacksmith Car - By FRANK Palmer


A Eureka Mill Porter Conversion - By FRANK Palmer


A Surry Parker Log Loader - By FRANK Palmer

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